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India, as we see today, the continuous living civilization is surviving and nourishing with the contributions of many great seers & sages who enriched and revived the cultural and spiritual essence of Bharat. Acharya Shankar or Adi Jagadguru Shankaracharya is one such shining star in the great tradition of Sanatan Dharma. The 8th century master, whose Janmabhoomi was Kerela, Gyanabhoomi was Omkareshwar, MP and Karmabhoomi was whole undivided India, revived Sanatana Dharma, Indian Culture from distortions and conflicts.

He preached the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, wrote commentaries on Vedantic Scriptures and sanitized Hinduism by intellectual discourses & shastrarthas across India in just 32 years of his life.
Shankar should be celebrated and Vedanta should be popularized among the masses in modern times. Government of Madhya Pradesh is committed to celebrate Acharya Shankar and popularise his works among the masses.

For the fulfilment of such pious objective, Acharya Shankar Sanskritik Ekta Nyas, Dept. of Culture, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh is working in the service of Acharya Shankar with some ambitious projects at Omkareshwar- jñāna-bhumi of Acharya Shankar.

In Acharya Shankar Museum, the life and philosophy of Acharya Shankar will be displayed through the most modern & innovative ways. The museum shall reflect Advaita Vedant philosophy/theme in tangible & intangible forms. All structures shall have visible imprints of Indian culture along with traditional Indian art & architecture.

Maya: A 3D hologram projectionto showcase the origin, sustenance & destruction of Universe based on Upanishads.

Exhibition Galleries: The museum complex is proposed to have nine exhibition galleries with the aim of showcasing various life events& contributionsof Acharya Shankar.

High Screen Theatre: To show a feature film based on the life & philosophy of Acharya Shankar.

Advaita Nauka Vihaar (Boat Ride): Through this boat ride, the tangible & intangible aspects of important stages of Advaita Vedant traditions (Pre-Shankar Era, Shankar Era & Post Shankar Era) will be shown.

Open-Air Theatre: For Laser, Light, Water & Sound Show.

The proposed Acharya Shankar International Institute of Advaita-Vedant will be the centre of learning & experience for Advaita Vedanta

  1. Acharya Padmapād Advaita Darshan Kendra
  2. Acharya Hastāmalak Advaita Vigyan Kendra
  3. Acharya Sureshwar Advaita Samajik Vigyan Kendra
  4. Acharya Totak Advaita Sangeet & Kala Kendra
  5. Acharya Govind Bhagvatpad Advaita Granthalay
  6. Acharya Gaudapad Advaita Vistar Kendra
  7. Mahirshi Vedavyas Advaita Gurukulam

Tributes to Acharya Shankara

Acharya Shankar Cultural Integration Trust, Tribal Museum, Shyamala Hills, Bhopal (M.P.) 462003    Phone Number: 0755-4928869, 2708451
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